Dear Democrats…I am sorry….

Kiran Kodithala
3 min readMar 7, 2024

From 2019 to 2021, I found myself deeply immersed in the political landscape. My activities spanned writing articles on platforms like Medium and Daily Kos, actively campaigning for Joe Biden, financially supporting critical battlegrounds, and engaging in vigorous debates with anyone who disagreed with my political stance in favor of the Democratic Party. Driven by a belief in the transformative promise of ‘Build Back Better,’ I was convinced that the Biden administration would take meaningful strides toward improving our planet.

As time passed, however, my enthusiasm has been met with a profound sense of disillusionment. The withdrawal from Afghanistan, marked by the abandonment of thousands of civilians who had assisted in our efforts against Al-Qaeda, initiated a period of soul-searching for me. This event, compounded by a perceived lack of accountability and meaningful critique from most media outlets — with notable exceptions — signaled a distressing shift from the values I had championed.

Moreover, the handling of the crisis in Gaza has deeply troubled me. The stark contrast in the administration’s approach to different international crises — offering extensive aid and support to Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression while seemingly enabling Israel’s actions in Gaza with unwavering support — has further eroded my faith in the leadership’s commitment to humanitarian principles.

This disillusionment with political leadership mirrors a personal journey I undertook eight years ago when I began to question and ultimately move away from the religious faith of my upbringing. This process taught me the value of introspection, critical examination of deeply held beliefs, and the courage to confront uncomfortable truths. It is with this mindset that I have reassessed my support for the Biden administration, concluding that it has not lived up to the principles it professed to uphold.

The administration’s failure to act as a force for good, as I see it, betrays a fundamental moral obligation to protect and support the vulnerable. In my view, to profess concern for the well-being of children and then ignore their suffering is a grievous failing.

In light of these reflections, I have made the difficult decision not to vote in the upcoming November elections. I recognize this choice may be contentious within our liberal community, particularly among my fellow Kosacks, who may see it as an indirect support for the opposition. Some may argue that my critique aligns me with adversaries of the Democratic Party, or even suggest that my perspectives have been unduly influenced by biased media sources.

Yet, this decision stems not from a desire to align with any “side” but from a deep-seated conviction that we must demand more from our leaders. It’s a call for integrity, accountability, and a recommitment to the values that should define our political discourse and action.

To my fellow Kosacks, I extend this essay not as a definitive stance but as an invitation to dialogue. While we may disagree, let’s do so with mutual respect and a shared commitment to seeking the best path forward for our community and country. My journey is one of many, and it is through these diverse experiences and perspectives that we can hope to navigate the complexities of our times.

P.S. — I originally posted this on DailyKos, and they banned me. Hence, the post has Kosacks in the language.



Kiran Kodithala

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