Not your average New Year’s Wish Poem

Kiran Kodithala
2 min readDec 31, 2020

My New Year’s Wish

2024 Version

I used the help of ChatGPT to revise the poem I wrote in 2021. Here is an updated (and hopefully better) version with improved meter, better rhyming, and more poetic…

I’d wave a wand of magic, bright and grand,
To vanish all my woes to shadowland.
But such a wish is folly, plain to see,
For joy is sweetest when it’s paired with agony.

I’d sip the elixir, undying and pure,
To halt the march of time, to find a cure.
Yet such a draught is madness, wild and bold,
Nature seeks balance, crafting new from old.

I’d offer prayers for wealth, unbound and vast,
To forge a life of riches, unsurpassed.
But such a prayer would steal my drive away,
The hunger that propels my dreams each day.

So no, I’ll not yearn for endless gain,
For boundless life, nor pleasure free from pain.
Not for love without condition’s touch,
For such desires might rob me of too much.

I wish for naught but courage, fierce and true,
In pursuit, whether I win or rue.
For victory and defeat, mere names they are,
Just like life and death, from near or far.

These are but stages in the cycle’s flow,
A dance of light and shadow, high and low.
I wish for you, as I do for me,
Courage to stand, to fight, to be free.

Ambition to chase what dreams may come,
For in their pursuit, our hearts hum.
Love, unforgiving, a treasure untold,
A story of warmth in a world so cold.

2021 Version

I would like to wave

the magic wand

to wish for all my miseries

to disappear,

but that would be silly -

for I cannot experience pleasure

If there is no pain.

I would like to drink

the potion of immortality

to cure all diseases

and death,

but that would be insane -

nature needs balance

to build new from the old.

I would like to pray

for unyielding wealth

and make myself rich,

but that would deprive

me of my hunger

to pursue the dreams.

I will not wish for

unlimited prosperity,

Infinite Immortality

boundless pleasures,

unconditional love,

for these wishes

will deprive me of

the pursuit of

these states.

I wish for nothing else,

but for the courage

of pursuit,

victory or defeat

they are just names,

just like

life and death -

they are just stages,

in the cycle of life.

I wish you

the same thing

I wish for myself,

courage to fight

for what’s right,

ambition to pursue

for dreams will come true,

unforgiving love

that’s a treasure trove.



Kiran Kodithala

Feminist Dad, Amateur Podcast Host, Naturalist Philosopher, Humanist CEO, and an Aspiring Writer